The Estonian Green Movement is a non-profit organisation for environmental protection the aim of which is to improve the environmental situation in Estonia and to guide our society to sustainable, green thinking.

The Estonian Green Movement was established in 1988 – this was prompted primarily by the need to better co-ordinate the efforts of environmentalists in winning the so-called Phosphorite War; moreover, the movement became the first formal political alternative to the Communist Party in Estonia. In 1991, the political wing (later, the Estonian Greens Party; now, dissolved) separated from the EGM, and, today, the Estonian Green Movement is engaged solely in environmental projects, without interfering in political affairs.

Currently, the Estonian Green Movement deals with various environmental issues, such as urban environment, consumption, environmental policy, and energy and climate. Our goal is to protect Estonia’s and, in a broader sense, also the entire world’s environment, as well as to implement a range of measures in order to curb any further destruction of nature and to find new, alternative methods to supplant existing, unsustainable technologies.

We welcome everyone who wants to contribute to a cleaner future for Estonia, future members as well as volunteers. The Estonian Green Movement offers to nature enthusiasts opportunities for self-development and for the facilitation of the development of an organisation with a noble history.

The Estonian Green Movement is also actively collaborating with organisations abroad, being a member of several international organisations.

Additionally, the Estonian Green Movement is a founder member of several Estonian co-operation platforms.